Best wireless keyboard for renoise?

Does anyone have a recommendation for the best possible wireless keyboard to use with renoise?

I’m looking for:

most possible simultaeneous keypresses (for chords)

least latency

quietest keys

a touchpad with quiet mouse clicks

(a numpad)


The wirelss keyboard ive got doesnt have left alt, so annoying for sample editing

Low latency & concurrent keypresses is normally gaming keyboard realms, with n-key rollover and antighosting. Because lowlat+stable vs wireless exclude each other, you’ll have problems finding a matching gear. Watch out, many gaming boards are optimised for standard game control configs (wasd, cursor, some common extra keys), and probably won’t give the total chordjam performance in every possible key. Many USB-Driven seem also to have a limit of 5 (?) keys plus control keys. Gaming boards are usually also a little stiff.

I’d rather go with some preference keyboard, and at least some tiny midi keyboard for chordjamming. Once used to piano style keys you’ll have hard time looking back to jamming on a typewriter. I only use typokeys for occasionally editing single notes now. It’s a huge difference.


The reason you get latency from input is because you’re not using the smallest buffer possible AND the computer keyboard in renoise is handled in the GUI thread, unlike a midi keyboard and never actually because your keyboard is slow (it can only on-and-off don’t compare it to a mouse).

As for multiple keys,many mechanical switch keyboard will be n-key rollover and they come in all kind of different ‘feels’ and sounds, there will be no ghosting.

Wireless will cut down your options a little.

Thankyou for all the suggestions. I can see that a decent gaming keyboard would probably be the best possible keyboard for renoise but in the end I went for a small bluetooth keyboard rather than a wireless one. I cant do over three simultaneous keypresses and (maybe) there is a slight lag but nevermind it still frees up a USB port for my drumpads on my crappy 2010 laptop so its all good.

for freeing up usb ports you use a usb hub…


You’re welcome!!!