Beta4 Installation Does Remember Settings Of Previous Installations

previous betas did remember my installation choices (path, file associations, and so on), but Beta4 didn’t.

it was quite handy. did anyone notice this problem too?

Because we already had Beta 1-3s in the alpha testing cycle.

Maybe I don’t get what you mean but actually Beta 4 remembered all of my previous settings: color theme, paths, startup song, preferences, et al. It was better than Beta 2 and 3 which despite of Play After Load being off, started playing anyway. I had to come to the Preferences dialog, click twice on the checkbox (so effectively nothing in the options screen changed) and only then Renoise started playing songs automatically.

And Beta 4 works fine on this matter.

Another thing is, I still have to have the automatic song playing turned off since it skips first notes in the first pattern at the first playback. As if the initialization was taking longer than the timer that decides on playback. Whatever, not a big problem, and occurs only on modules with low ticks per line.

no no, forget this, taktik is right: when we were still during private alpha testing, we actually released three pre-beta versions, so I already had beta1, beta2 and beta3 data written on my Windows registry.

I was referring to the installer options, by the way

… a “import setting from prev. version” option would be great anyway! ;)

Ah, OK, I get it now. And about that “auto playback after loading” annoyance, should I fill a bug report?

yes please. do you experience this only with VST instruments? MusicLab RealGuitar has this problem, but the problem is probably on RealGuitar side: looks like it gives an initialization finished signal before loading the presets

Oh, forget it, it was just MrRay '73 that sends “initialization finished” before finishing anything :wink: I have to place a couple of silent notes at the beginning of the tune. Rendering to wave was also affected by this VSTi bug. But it’s MrRay’s fault so no bug report :)

Take care!