Betas?, Am I Missing Something?

don’t get me wrong don’t wanna complain
but where are those pre or beta versions?
got a registered renoise but… did i get this right, there’s another thing, “alpha” testers… there are the “pre/beta” versions i’m always looking for? so there’s nothing to download as non alpha tester, right?
it’s just… i’ve once downloaded a 1.5.3, yes, 3, it had a bug fixed and i could use all my synths, but couldn’t make a registered version out of it, and seems it will take bit longer for next public release?..
i’m not using renoise at all since it’s just useless coz my favourite synths don’t play right in it
thanx for any help


  1. there is no version 1.5.3. An updated 1.5.2 version was released for Mac OS-X, if it what you mean. You can download your registered version at registered users site.

  2. could you please tell us which are the synths which do not work for you? Of course, please report it after having tried the updated OS-X version, if point 1 solved your problem

  3. next version of renoise (aka Renoise NE) is being tested by a restricted team at the moment. Beta version is getting very near, and it will be available to all registered users, so stay tuned.

There was a 1.5.3 test edition for a small amount of MacOSX users to test the universal binary. So only that and some minor OSX related bugfixes have been added which made it not worthwhile to call it 1.5.3 as there is no benefit for Windows users to download it. So the version remained 1.5.2 but for Mac users it is the updated version of the 1.5.3 test edition.

ok i c, official release will come soon, this is cool news
early summer taktik gave me a 1.5.3 link, and it had a bug fixed that caused fruity loops synths and others not playing like you’d expect them to play … remember? ;)

i’m just suffering from that thing coz i always enter that much chords, well, taktik fixed it, but i had no file to activate the demo, so it was just released as a demo i thought… well and i didn’t want to beg taktik even more;)

so… i got to wait,…maybe in future renoise devs can switch to the ugly short release cycle thing, like they do with… uhm… firefox or something;) would be cool i’d even pay some more if the beta version access would give more betas


All you had to do was to download 1.52 mac edition from the backstage area to update your 1.5.3 demo ;)

hah no wonder!