BetaVersions also for non-registered users ?

Martinal taked about, if we should open the betareleases also for non registered users. The advantage is clear : The more pople test the betas, the stabler the final releases will be.
On the other hand it used to be so far a privillege of the registered users to get the latest betaversions. I cannot say if someone of them might want to keep this privillege.
I would like to hear some oppinions of registered users to decide this, but of course everyone is free to add his two cents to this :)

for ReNoise’s benefit I command that every registered son and daughter of mine will renounce to this privilege. :mellow: :o :P :D :rolleyes:

Release it to everyone! More stable versions is very important! Even if this makes it a bit unfair at least I am ready to give up this privilege for a less bug free Renoise :) Saying something else would only be narrow-minded in my opinion…

That sounds like a good idea, do it.

the more testers the better. i say YAY :D

in view that new build has a lot of rewritten code this idea is ok, but get ready to receive 10 bugreports and 100 of “this is buggin, this sux”, but who knows thought…

I’m all for it, and what I’m about to say is obvious, but, just be sure to always offer the last stable release as well and stress that the beta version will have bugs and if they don’t like it they can use the older stable release.

my oppinion: registered users know renoise better.

zed has a point here - if it is open to everybody then you may get many “false alarms” from users that don’t know how to use some feature yet.

except that, it is very likely that new coming user will be far less tolerant to bugs than (old) registered users but they will want to download “latest” version anyway thinking it has no bugs and it is “stable” so this might give them false image about the software.

while it could be good for open source software i don’t think it will benefit Renoise.

Agree on that… it would be cool to have tons of testers… but it’s true, new users wouldn’t be experienced (about Renoise features) enough to tell wether a new feature is better than the last version or worst…

Just an idea, but could you time bomb a unsupported beta release

Do you mean that it should stop working after x days or something like this ?

yes, he means this.

by the way, a solution about preventing newbies from downlading betaversions could be forcing people to register to a betatester list with a valid mail address.

this would take most of wannabes away from the project.

As sagosen says, giving betas to everyone is dangerous but worths a try.

I think it could be to dangerous to give betas to everyone. You will be flooded with bad bugg reports. Also users might get a bad first impression of Renoise. Better only give it to those who registered and still point out that its a beta.

Doing a timebomb is just a waste of time.

The best option would be try the experience and release the next beta version for all users.

After it… Renoise Team would discuss if experience have been good for them (in the way to find bugs and get a final version early)

Renoise users are both registered and unregistered ones, and all of us want help to get a better program.