Better Automation With Vst's Like Kontakt3

Hopefully I’m not missing something but as far as I’m aware, the automation of vst-effects is not fully available for me, when I use Kontakt3 or KORE PLAYER2.

Things like sliding up/down (portamento) or applying filter effects are available within the plugin (or e.g. sliding which I can use with the slider on my keyboard which is nice but not accurate enough) but not in Renoise.

Sometimes I really miss this options. Same is for my KORG Legacy Collection, coming with some great instruments. But again I do not have the full range of automation option in Renoise.

Honestly I don’t know if I had the option in some other application like Cubase, but I think when the plugin offers me some tweaks to the instrument, these tweaks (filter, roomsize, attack, delay, …) should be useable in Renoise too.

any ideas?

I’ve already tried the Automation Device but didn’t help at all.

Thanks :slight_smile:

By the way… Renoise rocks!!! :drummer:

I agree.

I was just thinking the same thing, only from a slightly different angle.

One thing that definitely bothers me, is the fact that many of the built in Renoise track commands work only on sample based instruments - like retrigger, sample offset, sample reverse etc.

I do not know the mechanics that need to be in place in order for this to work, but to me this is a huge disadvantage. My only sample based instruments are the vocals and the drums - everything else is VSTi and VST effects.

Sometimes I am considering sampling the VST only so that I can use these commands.

It depends what options that you want to automate, you can freely pick whatever parameter you want to automate using the automate device.
All offered parameters are selectable, if they are not selectable in the automate device, they are not offered (meaning that they won’t be tweakable in Cubase or whatever host that supports automation either).