Better Colored View In The Mixer Tab

Hi to the great Tracker Team! :guitar:

For a better and fast view in Live Sessions :

It could be great to have a better colored view in the mixer tab, I mean that the selected track in the mixer should have a really different color than the other tracks…Could it be choosen in the “Preferences-Theme” options?



That’s pretty ugly. If only the header had different colour I would give my +1.

im with Suva on this one

Can’t it be modified through preferences?

no this is not an editable color in preferencies,

and the image is just for example i think, ,
+1 for this improvements!

I agree, this would be useful to organize the mixer - something like the right-click menu for colored labels in OS X.

But yeah, only the header, not the whole fader section.


+1 and pattern colorizing too.

Yes, it looks like a good idea :slight_smile:


I agree the example looks ugly, but on most themes the selected track is barely discernible. Perhaps it could just be highlighted more or something?

+1 rc4? :)


a bit OT but still concerning color-codes

would be nice to be able to color-code the borders on the dsp-chains,especially handy when using 2 or more dsp-chains in the same track :D

How do you do that?