Better delay crossfade algo

Listen to the example, besides the (intended) pitch modulation effect ,there is an audible unpleasant side effect of the crossfade algo.

High buzzy sound, when modulating the multitapdelay time by an lfo…

INcreasing the lfo speed makes it worse .

From the 3.1 release note


Delay and Multi-tap device will cross-fade delay time changes now, which means

they no longer create “zipper noises” when automating/changing delay times

end quote

You forgot to mention that this crossfade algo is now responsible for New artifacts .

At least 1 plugin I know that uses crossfade interpolation for the delay time is tal sampler…check it out ccx

Absolutely no artifacts when modulating time ,and a real amazing plugin .

So it can be done

Tal sampler example is included as a rendered sample in the file.

Didn’t anyone notice this during alpha stage ?

I told you guys, you need to multiple crossfade in some recursive way or so, or limit the max. freq of possible change. Or while cross fading, remember current value and then crossfade to recent value after last fade finished.

This algo only works with points in automation.

Found this dsp paper: