Better Dsp Overview In Mixer

Don’t get me wrong, the mixer view in renoise is AWESOME. Some ideas

  • A way to customize which params are shown per device in the mixer by default (workaround is the preset system, I think)
  • XY pad to have a possible mini XY pad in mixer view
  • ‘Dropdown’ button on devices in mixer view so you can minimize stuff either in the dsp chain, in the mixer, or both (so in the mixer it would just hide the params)
  • A way to see both the pre and post volume (just the numbers at least) at the same time… don’t know yet how that would look in a good mockup
  • A shortcut like Shift-scroll dedicated to scrolling left and right (right now, it works always if you have the cursor on a fader, but in the main work area it’ll work until you ‘bump’ up to a track with more devices than you got screen height*)
  • Better yet, a shortcut like Shift-scroll dedicated to scrolling the device chain (it’s definitely not as frequent on most screens/song configs as scrolling left & right)
  • hit me up if this needs explanation :)

These are all great ideas, especially the XY pad in the mixer. I do like the Renoise mixer view better than other DAWs I’ve used (Cubase, Ableton Live, FL Studio) simply because it seems so fast and snappy when dragging effects around, of course everything in Renoise feels that way though!