Better File Browser

I’m sure this has been requested before;

But the file browser needs some serious simplistic revisions. (ew, a tongue twister) :wacko:

Anyway, this is one of very few things I actually think Renoise is less than intuitive. I see the logic behind making use of limited space/frame but honestly the navigation is not easily accessible.

Bare with me, wouldn’t a simple Explorer-type tree navigation work much better? As a reference, take Sony’s Acid or Vegas, which has a very easy tree like, idiot proof, navigation. (yes I’m the idiot here)

Honestly, I semi dread having to navigate any file with Renoise. I can do it and get the job done, but it is not fluid or inviting, which adds a negative to the production work flow in my opinion.

I think this simple feature should be keep very simple and “out of the way”. If the current state of file browsing was initially based off of previous trackers in the past, isn’t time to move on to better solutions?

You are obviously not alone in these wishes, but I have one question for you:
Are you taking advantage of the option to save presets for the folders?
If you keep your folders somewhat sorted, you have four presets per file type.

Just checking, since there apparently won’t be changes done till 2.0, so a bigger browser won’t be here for some time.