Better Instructions On How to Use Rewire Needed...


I am still having issues with starting ReWire applications from within Renoise, and vice versa.

I have not gone through all the possibilities with each app, to see where the issues are happening, so I can’t give you any specifics at the moment, but I think that if you are going to move onto the RC stage, you should definitely have things wrapped up.

Even when the outcome of my actions resulted in perfect ReWire performance, it was still very unclear about what I should have actually been doing.

I mean, for example, where in your interface does it state that you need to open the Rewire device in Renoise before opening the slave application? I know that people with decent computing knowledge will be able to work it out for themselves, but that doesn’t exactly make it user friendly,

Not having a rant, you understand, just trying to think about it from the novices point of view, which I imagine makes up more of your user-base than seasoned |33ts.

Isn’t there a faq somewhere or tutorial that can help you on this site?


I think the real problem is that ReWire freezes on vadarfone setup. vadarfone: Does this still happen with Renoise 2.1 b4?

Every time you close a rewire enabled app it does not free ReWire correctly, so the ReWire master functionality won’t work until you reboot. This causes for sure a lot of headaches, especially at a point where you don’t know yet how this ReWire thing things works…

The interface does indeed not take you by the hand, but we have updated the Quickstart sections the past few days. Renoise comes with the Quickstart PDF that explains this and today i have also added the contents to the manual site here:

Also what Taktik mentions is not supposed to be part of these procedures, ReWire functions like a network of components and all components should “log off” gracefully. If one of them hangs, it blocks his part of the network and won’t be available until the master and any still open slaves are closed (the full ReWire network must be completely down before you can successfully reopen all hosts again, including that one which hanged).
If you are lucky, you can terminate the process in the taskmanager, in less fortunate cases, you have to reboot.
Whatever the cause is, it is harder to track when it appears to happen more random.

On a perfect computer system, it works perfectly. I have had success with it, and I have had horrid failures.

I am not sure if it is something to do with my particular way of thinking (odd at time, I will admit), but it seems temperamental.

Sorry if this seems confused/confusing, but I really having issues with this.

When it DOES work, it is incredible, by the way!

Yeah, it has happened a few times. I tried it last night though, and it was fine.

I am not sure how to test it, other than keep trying it.

I can give you a list of all the software I have installed, if that would help?

I am using an IBM Thinkpad T43, with EMU1616m PCMCIA card.

The problem with ReWire is that it is complex because not every host supports the complete system or there are limitations from within Renoise.
Add to this that there are hosts which handle ReWire very buggy so writing a detailed manual for that is a never ending story.
Understanding the basics is one thing you should be able to jump back on, if the basics won’t do it there is a glitch somewhere and this can be either on the side of Renoise or on the side of the other host, currently that is why we are in Beta stage, to get these problems out of our world as much as possible only having problems on the other side of the ReWire if they still remain.