Better macos multimontor support, startup


I am working with a new MacBook Pro M1, and dual screen. I use the internal screen as second screen, and a 4k screen as main. Now I would like to open Renoise always on the 4k screen, and also the plugin popping up on the 4k screen. If I start Renoise from the start bar on the 4k screen, I would expect the GUI to open here, too. But it seems to open always on the internal screen. Is this a system issue, or could Renoise support multi monitor in a better way? Or did I anything wrong?

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I tested this a bit further: Ableton opens the main window on the screen on which you started the app from the start menu or Finder. Strangely the splash popup always appears on the primary screen (macos problem?), but this does not hurt.

Most other apps like Mail and so on simply remember the position PLUS THE SCREEN on which you closed it last time. Maybe this would be the most convenient way… Seems to be the usual case. In this case, additional checks, if the screen still exists / is connected might be required…

So is it possible that Renoise also supports this “standard”? Thank you!