Better multisample support

I’d like to see:

  1. More than 16 samples per instrument. Maybe 256 limit?

  2. Able to use many samples for different volume levels and interpolate between them. For example, I could use 6 drum samples of a single snare played at 6 different loudnesses. I could then set the instrument to use the following:

0-20% volume - interpolate from sample1 to sample2
20-40% volume - interpolate from sample2 to sample3
40-60% volume - interpolate from sample3 to sample4
60-80% volume - interpolate from sample4 to sample5
80-100% volume - interpolate from sample5 to sample6

  1. Able to interpolate from one sample to another when using different notes on an instrument. For example I could take a piano sample at A-4, assign that to the A-4 note, take a piano sample at C-5, assign that to the C-5 note. Then if I play an A#4 it would actually play an interpolated mix of the A-4 sample (pitched up one semitone) at 66.66% and the C-5 sample (pitched down two semitones) at 33.33%. If I played a B-4, it would actually play an interpolated mix of the A-4 sample at 33.33% and the C-5 sample at 66.6%.

this “better multisample support” has been already discussed.

about point3: samplers like Halion or Kontakt do not interpolate: they let you overlap keyzones.

In your example A#4 would have 80% of sample A-4 and 20% of sample C-5 (I’ve put random values).

You could find [this discussion](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=ST&f=6&t=1629) interesting