Better Note Quantization

I want moar precise quantization for quantitzin’ subline levels like I sometimes need to do if I do it for triplets or some thing. I know all workarounds for making triplets by altering beat length in lines so don’t start with that, you I-know-who.Okay this can be done. Now I want that shortcuttable! Then to the next thing.I also want hotkeys for quantize amount like editstep has them. I want to be able to set them what ever I like in ticks or lines or, gasp, both. Or then of course in delay-units, which would be natural.Okay, this was there too! Next time I’ll sleep overnight before posting. The rest remains.

Actually I want to do it in beats or fractions of them but I know you won’t let me do it, damn you.

Ah and one more thing. Sometimes I want to record some notes into looping pattern. If I’m little early the notes can go into end of the pattern instead of first line, and no quantize can fix that. Would we come with solution for that?

How about wrap around pattern edges button makes program to handle pattern as it would continue to the first line, so inserting would warp notes from last to first line and quantization could quantize from last line to first line?