Better Oldschool Module Playback

I’d like to see the next version of Renoise with better mod importing and playback. With those formats fully supported, lots of musicians might make the switch to Renoise upon learning that their old tracks can be expanded upon heavily with Renoise’s features. Could this be a priority for a future version?

No as a matter of fact mod importing improvement has ceased totally. (if you would have done a search you would have stumbled upon a enough topics where this was emphasized)
Renoise does not target on the old tracker league market.

ReWire Madtracker as slave to Renoise to get the most optimal mod support and combine it with Renoise internal effects.

should I merge this topic with bad ideas thread? ;)

I would personally benefit a lot from this as well, but I think the developers are making the right choice in not giving it priority. OpenMPT has great playback and vst(i) support (allthough a bit rudimentary workflow wise), and it doesn’t seem to have made musicians remix their tracks to a larger extent that I know of. That makes me think that better compatibility won’t have a great impact.

Importing is already there, but it’s somewhat broken. Wouldn’t it make sense to want it to be fixed?

Short answer:
Ancient mod format import and playback will never be 100% perfect in Renoise. This is not our focus, nor has it ever been our focus, nor will it ever be our focus. On the huge list of improvements we could possibly do to Renoise, fixing old mod bugs is the last thing on that list. Please try to accept and understand this.

Long answer:
You’re asking for improvements and saying that things are broken, without actually saying what is broken and needs to be improved. Can you please be more specific and say exactly what is broken? Before we can potentially say or do anything, we need to understand the problem itself. We need to know what the expected result is, vs the actual result.

Is an old pattern command being converted strangely? If so, how? Is the value off by 1? Off by 10? Inverted? Something else? Is sample playback acting strangely? If so, how? Incorrect loop mode or loop start/end points? Incorrect volume envelope? Something else? Etc.

If it’s something really simple, and you can give us some good test mods that clearly and quickly demonstrate the problem, and it turns out to be a simple typo or something else that can be fixed with a couple minutes of work, then there’s a good chance it will be fixed.

If it’s anything more complex or abstract, like some weird pattern command behaviour that only exhibits itself under certain situations, or the mod is achieving some kind of unique special effect by taking advantage of buggy old playback engine behaviour and commands being combined in an unexpected way, or it’s something that will actually force us to painstakingly test multiple mods and waste several hours on doing so, then quite honestly you can simply forget it.

If it’s adding completely new features, like MadTracker import for example, then you can also definitely forget this. Some clever person may handle it with a Lua script tool, but it will never be added directly to Renoise.

Let the past be the past. Make something new in Renoise :)