Renoise bad Amiga Mod Playback compatibility!?!


I had to realize in many cases, that the Renoise Amiga Mod compatibility is not very good.

For Instance…

Space debris.mod
serial killer.mod

and much other…

2 questions to this.

  1. Why is the Amiga Mod Playback compatibility from Renoise so bad.

  2. Are there plans to fix/improve this in the future, or are this abadoned functions?

happy tracking :slight_smile:


Here’s the cold hard truth… We’re living in 2022, not the 90’s… And Renoise is attempting to provide a modern “DAW” solution with some oldschool tracker vibes.

Renoise has never pretended to be, nor advertised itself as, a 100% accurate oldskool MOD player engine – So please forget that notion, because it will never happen…

Renoise provides you with the “pretty good” ability to import some classic old tracker MOD formats, purely as a convenience to help you bring your old stuff into a modern environment – that’s it! – Import your oldstuff and then build on top of it.

If you really require 100% MOD playback accuracy, then you should simply use an Amiga/Atari emulator, or DosBox, or whatever it takes to run the original software – whether it be NoiseTracker, SoundTracker, OctaMed, FastTracker, ImpulseTracker, ScreamTracker, or whatever…

Renoise will never, ever be the 100% perfect MOD playback engine that you desire – END OF STORY.

When it comes to playing back old MODs, you might have better luck with MilkyTracker, or ModPlug Tracker, or (my personal favourite) XMplay.

I love the MODs you mentioned – Space Debris in particular, which I grew up with as a kid :slight_smile: – but Renoise is trying to look forwards, not backwards…



ok thx for clearness on this point.

happy tracking :slight_smile:

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So… you’re saying there’s a chance