Better Spectrum Analizer + Some Usefull New Thing

Ok. I ve found 1 more thing that would be usefull for me when making music in Renosie.

  1. Better Spectrum Analizer - i very often look at the spectrum to see if mine track ar linear. But why is the specrum here only from 0 to 12 khz ? Damn … i know that the freq. is ok for human ears but the rest of the bands should be vissible to. Also i wish there would be a peak option for the analizer and some other functions - like: Zooming In/Out to any frequency we want to see and also changing the volume (high) of the spectrum. I use good vst analizers but they dont work so FAST like the renoise spectrum. This is why i realy dream about a good spectrum here :) heheheh … - just make it from 0 to 20 khz ;- )

  2. Adding Parametriq EQ to samples. I wolud rely like to have sth like that. There would be no more adding eq to every track to change the samples characteristics. Only add some parametric eq (like 8 bands) to every sample and vuala :))))))

  3. Counter for every track of the dB. I mean sth like that - The program will show us how much average track volume we have to 0 dB limit. Usefull stuff for some mixing maniacs :- ) Hehehe …

  4. hmmmm :- ) - SNAKE GAME in renosie :P - like in the FT2 ;- )

cya :)

Process TrackFX, in sample editor.
I use it ;)