Better undo action description / status message

If you doing an undo action, usually there is written “Change value is undone” - which is not soooo helpful :)Ok at least you know that something was undone, right…

Would be nice, if it was written something like this instead:

Parameter “wet amount” of device “reverb” in track “lead” was restored to X.

And would be helpful for undo debugging, too. Because sometimes in some projects here, there appear multiple undo steps, without obvious reason.

That is a great suggestion!

I also experience, in most project, the problem of having to undo at least around 12-16 times before the last command is undone.

I observe that in a simple short project it would not happen most of the time. Maybe the bug would begin with the use of automation… I can’t say precisely…

Maybe its a desired way of doing the undo by the devs. Do you know if it has been defined as an official bug/misbehavior? If not I agree that its not usefull the way it acts now.

That’d be nice sugar.

But Renoise’s Undo is already the best andmost comprehensive I’ve ever encountered in a DAW.

I actually trust it.

Particularly coming most recently from FL, where it’s a godawful mess. (Not their fault, really, though. A comprehensive Undo feature in the beautiful organic legacy mess that is FL is probably not an easy thing.)