Better way to increase envelope resolution?

Ok so lately I’ve been experimenting a ton with making my own drum samples from scratch. Pitch enveloping a sine wave into a kick, etc. So the problem I’m running into is this: at “normal” bpm’s I feel like I don’t have enough resolution to make a good slope, like, the closest distance I can get to the left is too far to the right. I hope that makes sense. My work around has been to increase the bpm to max (999). So what I’m doing now is creating a “workspace” at the bottom of a song where I make the drum samples, and this area is automated to be max bpm. Insert a ZT00 at the song’s actual end point, and I can even leave this workspace out of the render. When I get something I want to use I just highlight and render to sample, use it in the song, EZ-PZ. But it seems like a weird way to have to do it, and I just wanted to make sure I’m not overlooking something. Anyone have a better method of increasing the resolution of the envelopes?

Can’t use it for pitch though.

Eat your heart out:


Overtune can do a good job at this too, if you’re into typing all kinds of mathematical/functional formulas up. (renoise tools page (deprecated download), forum thread about drum synthesis)

^Yep, actually saw that thread when I was looking around for a solution. Unfortunately formula synthesis isn’t really my forte. I do have overtune though, and sometimes I forget how much I don’t know and try to use it anyways, and then I remember.

:frowning: Appears to only work for plugins?

edit: I like being able to see the envelope visually but I think I’m going to start experimenting with using pattern commands to get the pitch bending results I want. Also I still suck at designing percussion sounds from scratch so it’s all sounding like shit right now anyways. BUT IT’S FUN as hell.

I am not using sample since a long time except those i created from scratch too… yes its fun but do not discourage yourself your gonna get better and better. But for me resampling was the key !

No, this was definitely designed to work with internal samples only, but you have to configure the linked instrument in its configuration panel (rightclick on the device and pick the option in the context menu) and not use the linked instrument/plugin option!

Ohhhhh, have more time today (weekend!) so I’ll give it another go, thanks.

edit: ok I don’t know what the hell I was doing the other day but yeah works fine. One more question: is there a way to extend the bend range?

Found it but, no way to make it more than an octave?

edit: might be a little awkward to work with but adding a second pitch device does it

I wanted to point out a reply where i hinted for a value that you could set to raise the range, but stacking devices on the same instrument sort of does the trick as well, but only works with the sample tuning mode.