Bid On "the World's Greatest Music Collection"…em=320230084120

I would love to get my hands on this!

I would also love to get my hands on the $3,000,000 necessary to purchase this collection.

If someone were to give me 3,000,000 I don’t think I would spend it on this anyhow…

And did you see the cost of shipping? 3-5% of the selling price.

I wonder if this is real…

i guess you would spend the rest of your life checking each record/cd/tape at least once.
besides that i rather search my library by hitting the F3 key, than doing it with ladders and stools.

i personally wouldn’t place a bit on this junk even if it was for just 100$ incl. shipping (essentially because i’d still have to buy/rent a house to store it).

Wow, crazy, I want to see a picture of the actual collection, it must be huge!

I read about this earlier this year. I believe this is the original listing (includes photos):…em=140206309501

I first saw it mentioned on boingboing:…t-complete.html

He only got 2000 more than he wanted…His starting-bid was 3 million.
Talking about a bummer auction… well at least he sold the collection.

thats just overkill. And people tell me I am crazy just because I have a few records myself.

But I would buy it if I had three mill, definately.

i would bid on Norman Cook’s lp collection.
probly some 20 or so golden loops i could get from that. :)

the one i posted was later in time. i’m guessing it got posted again b/c there was problems w/ the buyer of the original auction. no one bid on the new auction, though.

i’m with keith on this one. i would hate having all those records. i cringe at the idea of adding more records to my record collection of doom that plagues my living room.

I’m pretty sure this is being sold as a museum collection… and that being said, I hope whoever buys it treats it as such