Big Bloomer 4.0

(TheBellows) #1

Here’s a demo for my new version of BigBloomer:

Download BB 4.0:

(Sam) #2

If the purpose of the track was to make me download BigBloomer, then it has served that purpose!

(k1d_w01fman) #3

Nice job man, this is dope.

(ffx) #4

Nice demo song! Are all sounds made with big bloomer?

(TheBellows) #5

The drums are obviously not made with BB, it’s The ‘IDM Drumkit’ and some from Djeroek’s library. I also added some other stuff like the Noise XL 1.0 with a comb filter and the last part with the chordy stuff is also with some different instruments.

(ffx) #6

Really impressive