Big In Japan?

I am curious - a couple of the forum regulars are Japanese, or live in Japan, and I just happened to bounce into the Renoise-gate website … well, I can’t read Japanese, but it seemed really busy :-))

So, did there ever exist a tracking scene in your country, or is it imported by sceners from western europe? Not just Renoise, but tracking in general.

And, is it me, or doesn’t the tracker aesthetics go well really with Japanese culture ?

Oh, and finally, could someone name me a few Japanese artists who sing in their native tongue?
A friend of mine is doing a short movie inspired in part by manga, and asked for musical directions!

i’m japanese, but i grew up in the middle east, where i currently am, and i dont speak the language,…

but yeah i was surprised to find the japanese site as well when i first stumbled onto renoise.

but it is the home of nintendo after all, and i do know that there are so many games that came out there that never made it to the rest of the world, so there must have been a massive number of trackers at one point.

as for the tracker aesthetics,… i read arabic, which is right to left, better than i read japanese, but i took to renoise well quick. it just makes more sense to me.

cant help with the japanese singers, but a malaysian friend of mine played me the death note sound track,… simply amazing music.

one guy i would recommend to listen to is kaoru wada, really powerful music using only japanese instruments. it takes every inch of my fibre to stop myself from sampling the guy :P

have you listened to BeatBattle V entry by Sato?

Wrecked ship

featuring himself singing in Japanese

they have laptop music battles in Japan, fakking sick!!!
the rest of the planet underrates the laptop musician

And japanese sometimes is written in vertical columns going from right to left. Well, I don’t know if I read my patterns from the left or right side :D

Sure have! He’s also responsible for R-Gate, right? I like his music.

Well BotB you just planted an image in my mind, of two people in white dresses and black belts, each armed with a toshiba/vaio, going at each other :panic:

Well, I know one thing that’s big in japan: Taking off your shoes when you enter someone’s house! … So yes. Let’s take a page from the Japanese please.

I don’t see how I answer this question because I cannot imagine how many people are using Renoise in Japan… But I think not “big” now, unfortunately…
It is becouse the Japanese desktop musicians has brought up the midi culture (Yamaha, Roland), in other words, pianoroll and SMF culture. So the tracker interface is something strange in most Japanese eyes.
Futhermore, there is no tracker which made in Japan maybe (at least I don’t know), so we cannot understand easily how to use tracker. Most Japanese are not good at English. Me too…
Honestly, Renoise-Gate doesn’t have so much accesses of every day. But there is a proverb in Japan, “Continuation is power”.

Btw, do you know the music software called “Hatsune-Miku”(One of Vocaloid variation) which caused mega-sensation in Japan last year?

Youtube movies

Japanese culture is really odd, I think myself. :wacko:

P.S. Personally, I’ve checked Renoise Forum almost every day. But I’m reading roughly because my English capacity is childish and reading English takes time. So I cannot post here in English quickly and sometimes I use strange English, sorry.

But danoise, I like your arranger image. Nice job. B)

Now, I’ve always been a vertical composer first and foremost, so I am not able to see things as clearly as others - but I would think that the tracker interface was easy to get into, simply because it is very simular to traditional top-down writing technique - and perhaps to anyone who haven’t been spoiled by ‘midi culture’ (love that phrase!), it would seem a natural way to write music - dare I suggest, more so than to us western people?
But interesting, really. I laugh at the term ‘midi culture’, and yet I accept that there’s a ‘tracker culture’.

Saw this video, almost had my falling asleep right in the middle of the day - a scrolling piano roll with images of sunsets and baby animals floating by ^_^

maybe an idea for another forum, but language specific versions of renoise could bring in more people, so why not create a Japanese/french/swedish/dutch version/language choice.

First thing my brother asked when I showed him renoise = whether there was a Dutch specific version.

+1 That is actually a very, very good idea (spreading the word)
And Renoise has unicode support, so it has the ability to display those special characters - but then, maybe the text “capture instrument” isn’t able to fit in japanese and things have to be moved around (apparently, the downside to a tight GUI)

those probably wouldn’t be the best choices if they were going to do it, though. spanish/russian/german/chinese/hindi are surely all more important than swedish. and most dutch seem to be pretty good @ english and german. but english is the international language anyway, so at least the current forums aren’t in like…arabic or something. lol.

Yes, I agree. I also feel vertical columns are very natural for music (usually Mixer is vertical). And it’s unique compared with now-a-days DAWs. I like unique.

When I looked at tracker for the first time, I thought it’s a “programer’s software” because of enumeration of alphabets and numbers. But when actually listening and touching, it turned out that it is not so difficult.
Now I am a bit reflecting that the tutorial in Renoise-Gate is got fat too much with version up. So maybe ‘Japanese Getting Started.pdf’ or something is needed. (But, since I am an lazy human being, I may not make it easily… ;) ).

About multi-language display (tooltips?), IT-Alien has already proposed and taktik said that Renoise already has the capacity for getting additional language files. But he was worried about the continuous support (translator’s burden) about each language for each version up. I can understand that maybe he has a professional thought. Once we begin it, we should not stop it if possible…
But personally, I agree to go ahead.

I understand. Having to release separate german, spanish, russion language versions would be a pain in the *** for everybody involved. But instead, simply have contributed language files available as a separate download. Probably just a text file, easy to open and edit (if you wanted to contribute with a translation, that is).

Once I opened madtracker in a hex-editor and I changed the gui-‘names’, in Renoise it’s not that simple :slight_smile:

i just noticed that this wasn’t about the forums, but about the program itself. having language-specific forums here would be a horrible idea, b/c everyone would end up segregated. but for the software, why not. i certainly wouldn’t want to be involved, though. if someone was like, “hey, why don’t you develop some software in russian,” i’d be like “why don’t you go f**** yourself.”

I am English, born in near London, lived a in Sheffield for 8 years, but I have lived in Japan for the last 3 years. Not a long time, I know, but I can’t see myself moving anytime soon. It is great.

Music-wise, it is not as free and easy as England, by a long way.

How do you mean?

Every Japanese artist I’ve talked to use something called Leenoise. I guess this is the Japanese version of Renoise.

HatsuneMiku/vocaloid is pure genius software.

Japan is superior once again.

I mean that everything is an approximation of music from either America or England, and the desire to make new original recordings and genres is not anything like it is in England.

There are innovations in sound, but not to the extent of the west.

No doubt someone will argue with this, so whatever.