Big Masta Question For Renoise Gurus

I’m running a Virus TI alongside Renoise 1.8. Trying to make things run as smooth as possible. Responses to these questions would be really appreciated…

1.I see that there are channels from 1-16 selectable when using a VST instrument, but how can one send to the other MIDI channels than the one selected from the menu ?

  1. Can you assign a specific MIDI input port and channel for VST instruments ?

  2. Is it possible to send note data from a midi instrument to a VST instrument ?



1: Add an alias of the instrument. Look at bottom of this page about aliases.

2: Sorry. Not yet possible.

3: If you mean send from a midi instrument slot in renoise to another vsti instrument slot in renoise? Then it’s not possible.


Hi thnx :) Will try this…