Big problème with render

je clic sur render et une fenetre saffiche : failled to open the file

voir la capture d’écrant sur ce lien.

I click on render and a window is displayed: fault to open the file

see the screenshot on this link.[0]=AZWqBuEQZ_51H9qTlFJmlfn1Mu7KGUFE99aMX0cUugCPrlyllMvhSdnXoo-kCp5ArtJkz7F2FPM1QHSa13Hzk2JcUdLe5mAlojpSLBoxjxoS3A&tn=EH-R


You’re trying to save the rendered file at “C:/Program Files” which is a system protected folder. Choose some folder in your use home directly instead such as the “Desktop” folder or “My Document”.

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