Big Respect to the Creator of the Redux Teaser Video!

Very clearly and professional video-design!

and big props for the developers for making it possible ofcourse!

I second that. It’s awesome and the way the music changes with the features demo is really well done.

Congratulations !

The video is indeed nice, but at one point the resonance envelope is selected but the drive is shown :stuck_out_tongue:

[details=“Click to view contents”]
what you can see but is not said out loud:

Mod and pitch Bend wheel
Per note drive filter(thank you,thank you, thank you(…))
Chord locking? (near the mono button)
phasers etc have a reset button and the position it will reset
dsp filter tweaked, now has oversampling, Digital filter, so no drive here possibly, possibly we’ll have a filter with drive as well, I don’t see the shelf filter mode…

step sample modulation set device
ringmod can be transposed and frequency is gone, we now edit the note…
no accordion
some things say kHz instead of Hz
each note has it’s own effects columnthat is not connected to other columns
no idea what the buttons near the pitch/mod wheels do
sliders for controlling the note properties

there’s looping in phrases

a place to edit instrument comments
some unknown button left bottom corner in the phrase editor

phrases have their own bpm

I wonder why is there the word “Note” above every column… [/details]

I will probably use this. Only thing that bothers me is that macro values are still 0-100. 0-100 what? Percent?

0-100 what? Percent?

0-100 kittens per second, obviously.

dblue: LOL!

Anyway… This news was a pleasant surprise! It was a good timing since I think most of us could almost physically feel the craving for the Redux around here lately. So, while the craving may not have been satisfiedthoroughgoingly this time, it was at least a little fish or two for the cats! :walkman:

Not only the video, but the new design looks good as well. Among other things, the tabs now being horizontally makes sense.

Yes, my respect, looks veryappetizing, and the gui colors are very well chosen. Hopefully this beast will soon rule the world! And beautiful track.NI will close the doors soon.

awesome… I will be getting REDUX… I will use it inside Logic ProX.

Yes great video!

Redux looks like it could finally be the vst sampler that dethrones shortcircuit.

Yes but can we modulate loop points yet?

Looks awesome. Big ups to the team! :drummer:

Regarding the video and shots, there are the following news for Renoise:

per note modulation at least for instrs, distortion modulation in instrs, new device “digital filter”, more modulation possibilities in instrs, assuming new distortion types, better visual organization in instrs… Any more seen? Well, maybe we expect wonders for renoise from a small dev team. :slight_smile: most work will be for sure invested into building a proper vst / AU structure for redux and testing, I guess.

Yes but can we modulate loop points yet?

Or simply sample start and end for that matter…

Looks great, really nice work!

0-100 kittens per second, obviously.

Indeed. Point is it could be cents, hertz or anything where percent would make you completely lost when adjusting.

100 micros per 1 macro