Big Thanks To All 1.5 apha Testers!

Dear testing crew,

The response and all the massive reports we got so far are just fabulous. Thanks from the whole team to all that help us making this release rock stable!

We will do our best to solve all problems. One after each others. But we will need you help to make sure that the bugs are fixed in every new alpha/beta build that we will upload.

You will be notified that there is a new build available by sticky threads which we will add as soon as there is something new to download.

Some might also ask themselfs why there are soo many bugs and problems in this release:

This is an early alpha release. We did not spend much time with internal testing this time, because we got into hurry at the end, to avoid that we will again delay first official release. Further its maybe a little bit disapointing for you to find those obvious things, but will help us to concentrate fixing all the bugs, instead of finding them.
Our time for this project is limited, so the more you can help us, the more stable this release will be at the end and the more time we can spend on fixing stuff.

Much has changed under the hood. Its not only that Renoise looks different, a lot has changed internally to make for example the OSX port possible, or to fix code design errors that we have made in the past (and we did a lot of them!). Furhter we did a lot of preparation for other features that are currently not implemented, but can then later (thanks to the preparation) easily being added.

A bug has multiple faces: Bugs can have lots of other sideeffects, which again can cause or show as bugs, so the amount of fixes that we do is less than the number of bugreports that we do get.

So dont give up. All the horrible obvious crashes and errors will be hopefully fixed within the next few updates (which will be release very soon). As soon as the rough testing and fixing is done, we will then have an official beta that maybe even can be used to compose freaky tunes :walkman:

No No No… the user base has to thank the development team for developing such a fine piece of software even when it is not rock solid.

In choir please: THANKS!!! :walkman:

Admit it, many companies and developers are spreading mostly their alphas to a selected user base.
I like that trend here more being able to find bugs too.

That was definatly the wisest choice you´ve done for that release :)

I am totally grateful and respectful of the singular opportunity to take part in the development and testing of a program that is my artistic weapon of choice.

renoise devs: j00 r0c|<! :yeah:

and by the way:
i’m making freaky tunes with the alpha regardless of the bugs. (how else are you going to find them?)

What they said. :P

I wanted to add my personal thanks to both developing and testing crews.

Testing responses is being great, and as you see the developers are making their best to fix problems.

This first public ReNoise debugging experience is really really challenging and exciting! :w00t:

At least it is much more exciting than the same thing applied to the application I make at work :)

/me joining in… :)

Tell me about it! (wait a minute… that’s what I should be doing right now :) )

so it is

I love you renoise guys ;)

How about posting a paypal address?

Depending on how many bugs you fix i’m willing to donate $0.10 per fixed bug.
(and as i’ve seen a lot… this can count up)

Anyone interested may join the idea.

No that’ll be 2,50 per page. (25 topics) (with the corrected amount ;))

Renoise rocks, The Renoise Team rocks even more. :yeah:

I’m joining the choir :). :w00t:


If this suggestion passes through, I’m not even gonna start to ponder how many bugs the 1.6 alpha release will have…


hey all :)

just jumping in and wanted to say that sofar im using Renoise1.5 for about a
few hours (6 to 8), it hasnt crashed ones on me :yeah:

i have found some bugs but those are allready posted in bug-thread, so …

a real happy user here ! :P



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Still… 100 fixed bugs = $10 = a pizza and a beer… Weeeeeeeeeee!
I think there are other things that motivates them more… :P

Not trying to dis you voois, I think a paypal account would be great as I know there are plenty of us who wants to donate.


mmmm. pizza and beer… :dribble:

Well, if at least ten ppl would do the same, then everyone will pizza and beer… together!

Besides, i’ll probably donate a little more than 10 bucks (secretly) ;)
It’s just for the for the fun and something probably even the most poor among us can do.