Big troubles with skin support

On a second thought I see alot of troubles with skin support, now I don´t think skin is such a good idea any more…

Lets say I make a skin that takes me 40-80 hours in working time during my spare time in a 2-3 month period.
Now what happens when you during that time add new features for example improve the instruments…

Well then I have wasted maybe 10 hours on making a skin for the old instrument.

And I love the way it is now that you can easily change the colors. This will also disapear :(

And if you get the skin support it will slow down implementing new features
. And just developing skin support is slowing down other more important features.

And if you want to sell more copies, improved recording options, improved instruments, arranger etc. Are much much stronger sellingpoints than a nice skin.

If you think its hard giving up on this idea…

There is a saying in the art community that goes:

“Sometimes you have to kill your darlings”…

And this is definatly such a time…

So please, forget about it.

The old way of skinning will stay as an option. So if you dont want to use the new skins you dont have to.

Also, we will not paint the interface in one big bitmap.
Each GUI element will have a set of bitmaps wich are combined to have the element in any size we need it. So if me move, add or change stuff you wont have to do anything for this. You also dont have to paint a bitmap for every button then. The only case where you might have to do something is, if we invent a new GUI prototype (like a poti).

Okey, I was abit worried that you would (skin) paint yourself into a corner. But I should not have under estimated you :D