Binärpilot - Robot Wars Video

Hi guys!

I’ve been a proud Renoise owner for a couple of years now, and lurked this forum on occasion, so I thought it was about time that I contributed with something.

I recently received a video for Robot Wars by an obviously fantastic group of New Zealanders called The Ministry Of Boys. If you even like it half as much as I do, it’ll be four minutes well spent. The video features a claymation robot, lasers, hot women wearing tights, synchronized dancing and space travel through the use of exercise bikes. Yes, exercise bikes:

Binärpilot - Robot Wars video

You can download the song here.

Hope you like it!

10/10 for music and video. Excellent release. :D

yes yes. i love it! :)
solid & funny track, with a matching video.

Cheers guys!

Thought it would be rude to not give some sort of the review aswell as I am deeply in love with the creation.


One thing I hate about chip music purists that they sound like shit. They think it’s cool to use only four tracks, 4bit samples and make everything sound like it came out from 1 inch speaker. Well sure, it may have some nostalgia in it, but I have had enough about nostalgia. Not only they make lots of ear scraping bleeping they have basically ruined the the reputation of trackers, making it look like this is only genre of music you can produce using a tracker.

This track is not one of those tracks that makes me turn down my speakers. Although it uses chip sounds, it uses them tastefully enough to fit into the year of 2008. The mixture of the chip sounds and modern production gives both some nostalgia and pleasure of listening and fits well with the original image of artist.


Although the track itself is good, I probably wouldn’t have turned too much attention to it without the accompanying video. Futurism with 80ies - 70ies B movie feel is something I dig quite a while. Or the overall oldschool futurism. Maybe because most movies back then talked about year 2010 or 2008 back then. It’s 2008 now and guess what we don’t wear mullets!

Looking back at those movies don’t cause much dreams about future, rather than a giggle about their haircuts, clothing and badly done special effects. This is exactly what this video is based on. Like the artist himself stated: This video has everything: Robots, lasers, hot women wearing tights, synchronized dancing and space travel through the use of exercise bikes.

So what can I say. My ratings stay the same. 10 points for the track, 10 points to the video and 12 points to the track and video together. Thanks to Binärpilot and Ministry of Boys for great work.

now how awesome was that!!!


heck yes!

those kiwis* have a real talent for B grade material. I always loved “bad taste” and “braindead”…

*as an Aussie, this is an obvious reference, but for the rest of the world, “kiwi” is another word for “New Zealander”; and kiwis is the plural :)

Great video, fits perfect for the music.


@alexstrain: “Bad Taste” is legendary good.

@Suva: Thank you for the extensive review! It should be posted on the blog. And it deserves a decent reply; I can see your point about elitism. Personally I’ve never given much thought to whether or not a track was “chip enough” or “(insert genre here) enough”. I make it first and foremost for myself, and while I happen to love the sound of chip leads, I also happen to love big beat-ish drums, too much bass, IDM-esque glitching and ultra cheesy riffs. So the result is naturally “odd”. If purists want to criticize my music because it doesn’t fit to some arbitrary rules about genres they’re welcome to! I hope everybody else just keeps on smiling, I do :)

Mutant disco!! :D