Binary Transfer (working Title)

This is one of those Drum & Bass tunes that would suit a long car journey or a live DJ set in a club.
It’s very simple but devastatingly effective…

The track is also in “Alpha” state and I hope to have it finished today sometime.…%20Transfer.mp3

Please post your comments!

This is very progressive D´n´B-stuff.
Overall I like the song (good drum-ideas) but I miss events.
The song has now a lenght of 2:32 and even for drum&bass this can be boring in my opinion.
You should give the song some variations like maybe in the drums (rolls, fills), maybe change this acid-sweep sometimes a bit, bal bla bla

Also the chord-delay sounds a bit weird to me (to seperated).
I would recommend you change the delay a bit. This delay feedback gives me the feeling that my speakers are broken :(

Now finish it :P

I agree…

Maybe this gets a little too “basic”…

what I would do I’d have a part somewhere after 2 minutes maybe, where the snare takes a rest then comes back later with maybe a new instrument, to kinda give it more character… or highlights. You know?

Something for the listener to look forward to…

Make some suspense in it :)

I like the feel of it though