Had a load of fun mangling sample in Renoise for this one

Really quality samples from their range of hardware synths and some other places. The competition details are here, would love to know what you guys make with the samples:

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Not so happy with mix now that I re-listen to it nearly a month later. Think the trebles and hats are a bit harsh and the bass mids could be louder in the mix.

Interesting to know what you all think

I like what you ve done here very nice layed down and interesting ideas.About the mix I dont have proper speaker’s yet but in my phone sounds good.

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I’m not really into this genre/style that much, but I can hear you did a very nice job with this track. Everything sounds loud and clear and haunting at the same time. Well done!

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Much appreciated @Coddy and @stoiximan :slight_smile:

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Loving this! The synths around the 1:14 mark remind me of some Drexciya sounds.