Anyone using this? or can it be used yet? From what I’ve read it looks very interesting.

Open source international money. I’ve read some theory behind it. 21 million bitcoins is the limit, uses resources like electricity and CPU to generate / compare hashes to generate bitcoins for the actual value behind the bitcoins. Each bitcoin can be divided into 1000 parts.

Very intersting transaction principles being put into use, such as one time addresses for account transactions.

On certain sites I notice a common thread of disapproval, however the disapproval being almost across the board on the certain tech sites, shows a possibility they may already be using it, and doing a hush hush.

Looks like the main things happening with it so far yet is users setting up exchanges, curious thing is the actual worth of a bitcoin is so far very subjective yet.

I’m not using it, but saw it on /. the other day. looks interesting but a bit mind-bending to me …

Well, the value of any currency is very subjective, by definition isn’t it ? I mean you can’t make anything useful from the currency, so its value is arbitrary. I guess a bitcoin’s value will stabilize when it will be recognized as a safe currency and more people use it.

That’s where I heard about it too.

And for sure, I read about how the gold standard was tossed out and how currency we use right now is baseless and pretty much just a step up from virtual money.

This concept seems pretty good, as it’s actually based on something substantially real.

Reminds me of artmoney: