Bitter Reality [chiptune-EDM]

Another old (but finished!) track, this time inspired by chiptunes and EDM pop production.

Free download on soundcloud!

I enjoyed listening to the song, but the level of volume is kinda loud. Great work & keep it up! :slight_smile:

I loved the track! Niiiceee!

the level of volume is kinda loud.

Yeah I think I compressed it about 6,000 times. Its flat-lining!

sounds like a modern remake of some kind of Uralic / Siberian folk song.

Thats weird…I actually made that tune IN Siberia! No joke, I lived out there for a year teaching English.

Nice melodies, great tune midi error.

Great track, sounds nice, but the bass is a bit too boomy some times. :walkman:

I was thinking of doing a TEFL course one day too.

Do one! It changed my life, I’ve lived all over the world because of it…it cost a grand to do a 4 week intensive course. There are 2 qualifications you can get CELTA and TRINITY, which are pretty much equal.

Thanks for the comments people :slight_smile: