Bitwig 3.2 is out (right now)

#idk if this is appropriate or marketing (please delete if so), i’m not involved in any activities

#i’m downloading right now

i use jack, synced playback renoise & bitwig, endless jam!

When you say this…what do you mean?

create rhythm in renoise, quick keyboard strokes, then proceed to jam in bitwig with instruments and record qwerty melody jams, editing further, randomizing pan, pitch, vel… etc…

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Running the two programs at the same time?

Doing Renoise stuff and bitwig stuff?

I want to combine Renoise with other DAWs because I like the workflow Renoise forces upon me for track- but I still want to have the flexibility of other DAWs for stuff like Live Recording stuff, and multi-tracking

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yes, running both at the same time, sometimes i route via jack both to mixbus 32c, and that’s even more slick :stuck_out_tongue:
all native on linux, a dream back in the days :stuck_out_tongue:


Brilliant! I might have to try this on a Raspberry Pi and get really barebones with it.

Is there a way to sequence other DAWs with Renoise?

I’ve got Redux- but that’s exclusively features I’m not familiar with in Renoise

what do you got, which os?

Windows 10 Home

yeah, jack is supported on windows too, i could create short video of how-to if that’s what you’re after.

  1. install jack, read a bit about it on the home page, to grasp what it is, literally virtual audio/midi routing on your os level (between apps)
    ==== or use rewire (i’m not really aware of capabilities, in terms of transport sync/location etc)

  2. fire up jack (jack pilot for mac idk if on windows it can be done only with qjackctl) , there is management app that comes with jack - qjackctl

  3. fire up daws, view connections/routings in qjackctl, re-route at taste.

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You’re the best. I don’t want to put you out. I’ll research it and try to figure it out based on documentation and your notes.

This information is a godsend. Thank you so much!

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you are welcome, pm me if i can help out also