Bitwig 3 - Space Floating



Please more of this!


Thanks bro, as you wish!


Hello, this is the Renoise forum.

Sorry to somehow spoil the fun, but if every Bitwig user comes here to display their tracks then what?

I am sorry to see there is no Bitwig forum, but maybe try their forum section at KVR?

See the responses posting a Renoise made track in the Bitwig forum already?


KnownUn is also a Renoise user and has shared Renoise content in the past, so I think it’s quite ok to share some occasional non-Renoise stuff now and then in the Off Topic forum, especially when other Renoise+Bitwig users here may find it interesting somehow.



Thank YOU for the message here, I’m sorry I posted some non Renoise related music, feel totally free to erase it! I understand! Fully!

Won’t happen again.

Excited about the update!

Have a great one.

Dang! I really want to post some more Bitwig grid ideas but i promised I wouldn’t! … :wink:

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C’mon don’t be shy :smile:

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Don’t worry about what was said earlier. It’s totally fine if you occasionally post some non-Renoise stuff here in the Off-Topic forum. As long as it’s not constant spamming that could become really annoying, then we really don’t mind. Anything interesting and audio-related is far better than some of the other usual crap that gets posted.


Thanks mate… appreciate the feedback! Yeah, gotta throw up some Renoise junk soon! Too long since I opened it, it’s really about time.

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wtf. you represent all of us now do you?

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Really cool compositions.

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