Bitwig Released Thread

I thought there was a possible migration for me… I was wrong.
R3’s too powerful.

Anybody else tried it? Anybody like it? Hate it?

Good luck


damn I was too slow

This isn’t speculation. This is obviously a post-release discussion

The thread linked is obviously post-release discussion now, too.

Think 4th dimensionally, Marty! The thread was created before Bitwig was released, so of course it was speculation. No need for a new thread when it has transitioned naturally into discussion about the software.


Like it. Has great performance under linux. I wasnt able to deplete my resources what is not complicated with R3. It has great sound, wonderful dsp and modulation. But in the end i will be using Renoise imho. Why?
Because i am used to its sample editing what i dont like in bitwig
drum programming is better in renoise also (but i have volca beats now)
and mainly
Bitwig has a lot of weird bugs (shortcuts stop working, undo also etc) and is expensive (i use cracked version for now and thinking about buying it and using it - but in reality there are not so mony things that are possible in bitwig and not in renoise, it is just different workflow that Bitwig offers.

But its huge modulation possibilities and containers (doofers) are much better here than in renoise cause they can work in paraller way. On the other hand, devices like signal follower ale little less featured than in Renoise.

It felt like it was still in beta when i tried it! Funny that, cause they sat in beta for god knows how long lol.
It didn’t give me and urge to jump at it or anything - Renoise does more than enough for me by comparison.