Bitwig Speculation Thread

Runs on Linux, too.

Some people just got smoked. Interesting times ahead.

…heard about it on another site and just saw the video on facebook. looks like fun, might test it. This caught my eye in the CDM blog:

How come all the cool stuff is made in Berlin?

really? looks like ableton to me. big woop.

Well, I think it’s pretty insane that the press on the bitwig website (coming soon for a few years now) used to pretty much say that these were disgruntled ex Ableton coders working on a new product. Now that they released it, it’s basically Ableton Live.

As said on CDM, lawsuits imminent?

Nice!!! I hope this has a reasonable price, though.

Any (inside / heard through the grapevine)info on why everybody leaves that company / reason for disgruntlement?

Looks interesting but very Live like; lot’s of people on the Ableton forum saying this is Live + everything they have been asking for.

i’m interested if the cost is 50 to 100 bucks. :slight_smile:

the guy from vemberaudio is on board. (surge / shortcircuit1 and 2)

and NO. its not ableton live!


Looks nice.

See! this is what happens when I take a few weeks off! :P

More options = more competition = more motivation for developers = better products

Now, lets get back to working on Cells! et. al.

/me fires up the scripting terminal…

Linux support will clinch it for me!!

Lots of people are going on about how it LOOKS like Ableton live, which I think is silly. Just another valid UI structure IMO, and what if clip view is something one of the Bitwig devs came up with anyway. To be honest the only GUI element that has made Ableton unique was the clip view. Mixer structure, DSP section, browsers bla bla bla are found like this in loads of DAWs.

Be great if I could sync it up with Renoise and puredata via jack :w00t:

Also the ability, if it will exist, to browse through old ableton projects will be really useful for me. I have tons of potentially useful bits and pieces from ~2008.

That looks nice, but it won’t be in the first release. The fact that they put this and other unfinished features on their homepage makes me a bit suspicious. From what I’ve seen in the past, it’s never a good idea to sell or buy software based on promises for the future. That’s why I think it’s wise of the Renoise team to not talk about future updates much. If you present a first version (one that isn’t even in beta) this way, it sounds to me like it’s not really ready yet.

I hope I’m wrong though, and that this will be a usable, stable and affordable DAW. It would be nice to see a serious alternative to Ableton Live. We’ll see.

This is slightly off topic, but: I agree with the above point. And I think it makes sense for artists as well. Being told what the new song/album is going to be like just ruins the surprise. And sometimes artists promise this-or-that-sort-of-album and it just doesn’t eventuate.

Maybe this is true, but maybe it’s a decent competitor for Renoise. If it provides the features which are promised on the website it’s definitely a serious competitor.
And it has some features that I still miss in Renoise: audio/wave clips, realtime time stretching / warping, multi monitor support, multiple automation lanes, piano roll, etc…

Would be interesting to apply for Linux beta-testing.
An Ableton rival and also with Linux support is something new, if it’s really launched soon. And if it was developed by ex-Ableton people, than it’s even a more serious rival.


Well never thought about it, that alot of DAWs are German(or for the most part German-developed):
Renoise - Germany
Ableton Live - Germany
Steinberg Cubase - Germany
Native Instruments - Germany
Logic Pro before it was bought by Apple - Germany
And this Bitwig DAW too… :walkman:

And Live, and Reaper, and Cubase, and Logic, and FL Studio, and Studio One…

As much as I love Renoise, and use it pretty much exclusively, it’s a low hanging fruit in the bigger tree.

may i add: magix - samplitude pro

The Ultimate Soundtracker (Grandfather of Renoise) -> Germany :wink: