Bitwig with Renoise Redux on the master chain

Still weird that Ableton dosen’t let you add Renoise Redux to the master channel… Bitwig however does.


So then Redux will work as a fx?

i don’t think it lets you use it as an effects unit ?

Hm ok, well still that would be so awesome, Renoise FX VST :star_struck:

I always use it as fx in Bitwig.

Also my vcv patches goes into redux within vcv.

Don’t understand, so you are getting audio input into Redux?

Is that what you mean?

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Yes. Using “audio input” in redux.

Line input maybe its called yes.

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oh boi ! i cant believe that worked

line input inside redux and you can use any effects

i need to try that

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Yeah, and it’s a great mastering tool for VCV Rack and Bitwig.

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i recorded a video for this now !! the world needs to know jj<3


Great video mate!

I also made another example:

This video demonstrate that it is possible to setup Renoise Redux as an audio FX unit within Bitwig (also works with VCV Rack). Simply use the Redux device “Line Input” first in the Redux FX chain. Redux has great filters, delays, reverbs, beat repeat, exciter, lofi FX and much more and can be parameter locked within its sequencer if you wanna take it even further.


This is nice, but only one input. It’s a slap in the face for the input device, looking for a lot inputs! We could even route in parallel! But no…

I would like to see Redux as VST3, supporting unlimited sidechains.

Or even better, a Renoise FX plugin VST3! Which I would love to pay a 100 Euro for or even more.

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Renoise effects suite vst 3 +1

Shut up and take my money now


tried it with reaper, its dont working :frowning: i need the the effects from renoise redux in reaper <3