Bizzare Video

i’ve never seen such a scary/weird thing in my whole life.
get this video a go:

pretty good :)

what a weirdo aph. must be (and his video editor)

haha, it was pretty weird but not scary. even during the beginning when he freaked out you could hear the post production audio so i knew it wasn’t some kind of real video… then when the music started playing and he was dancing i was cracking up. :D pretty good song in there

you should try watching the nick berg execution video… now that is scary :(

I think part of this video was shown on MTV as a commercial break at some time… it’s crazy

Cool, I had only seen the short one.

Chris Cunningham makes some nice videos indeed.

yeah, the dancing part did a real relief.
but seriously: if you’re not aware of what
you’re gonna watch next, and hit on a link with
this video you’ve never seen before… :blink:

It’s very nice and very well synched but not at all what I expected. I’m glad it didn’t turn out terrifying, just weird and fun. I was more scared by windowlicker and come to daddy.
Maybe it’s the format though, but either way, AFX’s face scares me half to death.

Very imaginative and kind of insane, but almost a masterpiece of video art.