Bjork Moon Remix

Hi all. I made a remix of Bjork’s Moon. Check it out.

Happy with the composition but I’m having a lot trouble mastering the track. I’ve been messing around with EQ on the master track for a while now and now I can’t tell whether I’m making it better or worse. Suggestions welcome. Help needed.


My inspiration for the track was 50 percent and 50 percent But I feel I’m a long way from both!

Link not working for me.

Does this work now?

Yeah working now. First impressions, it could have gone for a little longer, though that’s no biggie. In regards to the eq, it sounds as though it could do with a little warmth.

This may be information you already know (so disregard if it is)…

Using a narrow “Q” raise the level up quite high so it’s obvious and sweep through the frequencies until you hear something you dislike or like.

Cut the freq’s you don’t like using a narrow “q” and boost the freq’s you like using a wider “q.” Sometimes a frequency will jump out whilst sweeping, as if it has a volume boost, this may also be an indication of where to cut etc. Try not to cut or boost in one go, it is better to apply lots of small boosts/cuts than one large one. Compare with reference/s (and even with your track before mastering - level matched) and ask yourself if it sounds better.

It can also help to give yourself a day or two break in between composing-mixing/mastering for fresh ears and perspective.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the advice! That sounds like a really good technique. I’ll give that a go and let you know how I get on. Definitely think it could do with some warmth. I’ll take a few days and approach with fresh ears.