Black cat killed my project

Did a search on the forum for the v3 manual while playing some pad sounds with drums.

Black Cat jumps on the keyboard, walks from D5 to C2, jumps off to bash Grey Cat sleeping on the floor, Renoise (3.0.0) crashes, project lost, settings gone, well, …

Don´t know how to write a bug report and can´t reproduce this. Why?

And where´s the v3 manual?

To my knowledge, Renoise has always had high quality feline support. It’s odd that this would be causing problems in 3.0.

Is this a 32 bit cat? Sometimes there are issues with running a 32 bit cat in 64 bit renoise.

But a 64-bit cat is a fearsome thing.

maybe cat has shaked some inner parts of your laptop??? so its crashed

remember if you afraid to lose probably biggest hit of your life, you can allways use this guy :wink:

5275 Capture.JPG

Maybe the cat wasn’t responsible. Blame me for blaming the cat. Generally friendly cats, they are.

So, have to live with cats destroying my work.

Tried to create some phrases so Black Cat can compose nice tunes while strolling around.

Changed my backup settings, thanks for that.

Found the manual, will read a bit.