Black Cds That Look Like Lps

I found a really cool cd that looks like an LP, it even have like LP lines in it. I bought it and when I made a search for more I found out it is supposed to sound better when burning music. They are also supposed to store data more sequre.

I don’t know but they are really cool!

Here is a link to a swedish reseller. Couldn’t find any good english resellers right now.

And here is a article on the subject.…Black_CDsII.pdf

Well, I have to admit that I like the look.
But splajn…you don’t really belive the ‘sounds-better-thingie’, do you?
I even read the pdf…Unbelivable that this guy pretends to be able to explain this technically.
Untill the early 90’s there was one issue that the CD-players had indeed, so one could think that different CD’s sound different.
The problem was the clicks in the first tracks. But this was caused by buffer underruns. If you had a better CD-player, you wouldn’t even get to know this problem. This problem was not there because of black or white CD’s. It was the players. And for today there is no such problem…unless you use an old player…

But still the CD’s look cool, so big thanks for the link. Maybe I’ll get me some of those. :)

I´m sceptic about that they would sound better, its not impossible though. And even if they do I don’t think 99,9% of the people would hear any difference, atleast I don’t think I would.

But the CDs even look much better than on those pics.
I accidently stumbled upon one of those LP lookalike cds when I went in to buy a cdmarker pen…

For the Germans I found this one:Vinyl-Look CD-R’s (and you’ll find some alternatives, just google).
But the Swedish ones look way better. Wish I could order them somehow.

The Swedish page only lists Swedish resellers. But mail them and maybe they can forward you to international resellers, if there are any:

They look more like 45’s … apart from the fact they have seen fit to slap the letters ‘LP’ on there :D

Yeah, LP Cd’s are nice. Microcenter in Houston used to sell them really cheap so I would always buy them. The sound thing is bull, but what makes them better than normal cdr’s is the vinyl. It makes them a lot more durable, if you scratch the top foil on a regular cdr it will be even more destroyed than a bottom scratch. With these you’ve got a nice protective layer on top, and they look really nice.

The only thing I can think of should make them “sound better” is if the black side of the disc is easier to read correctly by the laser than normal discs - as most of you probably know, Red Book (audio cd) has a lot lower error-protection handling than Yellow Book (data cd) - so that in some cases the fault-rate would be lower. This only goes for audio cd though, and with todays cd-players/software like eac - it probably wouldn’t matter a lot anyway.

If you burn a CD that has a thin coating, you might loose data due to the transparency ratio of the coating.
This is evident because i experienced this myself with cheap DVD’s, they did not had top coating above the silver layer and were transparent (i could see my hand through the coating if i looked carefully) and i could throw away half the DVD’s after burning because the lots of the data didn’t got registered when verifying. The other half of the DVD’s stopped functioning after a few months and when inspecting my DVD recorder, i could notice a black burn-in line on the inside of my DVD case where the laser eye was tracked under.

So trust me that transparancy of the silver coating on top of your CD does matter for the the reliability of your data storage. You know these mirrors that reflect on one side but you can see through from the other side?
Well, for different ranges of laser classes, these mirrors do not reflect the beam. These also count for cheap produced DVD’s that has less silver-coating material.

Another type of bad coating is coating with a (bas or sunken) relief, usually don’t they only destroy your ordinary cd / dvd player and never get ejected by them once swallowed, they don’t get data stored reliable either.
Though the pack i had had a good dark coating so probably the method of layering that has been applied was faulty.

I remember black CD-R media some 7-8 years ago. I doubt it’s any more “secure” than high quality (non-colored) plastic. Personally, I always recommend japanese-made Taiyo Yuden media all the way. Good stuff that’s never failed me.

Useful? :lol: