Black Friday - Waves OneKnob Louder Free

Searched and didn’t see anything. Thought you guys would be interested. Waves is giving away OneKnob Louder for free this weekend! It’s usually $80 USD.

Thanks… Waves is too expensive, but im downloading anything free from them :)

They aren’t actually that expensive anymore, since they have sales all the time.

Anyway, have to check the plugin

it’s free, might as well… good lookin’!

Thanks, great.
I just could not resist to buy a bundle finally :)

Btw. here are listed more deals from other companies:

LOL their servers are overloaded; now they’re emailing out promises that an activation code will be sent “within 48 hours”…

If I hadn’t blown the last bit of discretionary $$$ at Guitar Center’s Black Friday (Toxic Biohazard was only $40! etc) I might be tempted to pick up one of the discount packs…

Word. Servers overloaded. Thanks a lot for sharing though. Kinda reminds me of “soundgoodizer” from FL studio.

I finally got a license number, then I finally got it registered, now I just have to figure out how to enable Renoise to recognize it as rescan doesn’t work :wacko:

Waves installer defaults to 1 of 4 locations:

Program Files/Steinberg/vstplugins
Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/vstplugin


Program Files/waves/vstplugins
Program Files (x86)/waves/vstplugins

Renoise allows only two vst folders… Are you sure your one knob ie in the proper folder?

Iirc, I loaded up one knob Friday night, with no issue…


I ended up having to remove the “CachedFailedVSTs_x86.db”… but it’s working now, it’s a pretty good maximizer thingie.

I guess this one is more useful:

I also got this back then but didn’t try it out until now but for some reason my Renoise crashes every time I try to open the OneKnob plugin.