Black MIDI

…Black MIDI.


Wow they shit on that tune. I’ve heard of this before, and honestly it’s only of worth in its novelty, not in the music. But were I to change, I’d turn it all white. (references&jokes)

If you want something really interesting, check out of the work of composer Conlon Nancarrow. He used to write music for player piano by individually drawing and punching the holes into the sheet music one at a time. His craft was incredibly complex; I’ve read some books on his composition and it’s mind-blowing to see the process he went through.

Now going to watch more Touhou project stuff.

Thanks, never heard of this, very interesting

(I’m downloading a 30 Mb MIDI file right now…)

what the Nancarrow piano really misses is the dynamics: he should really use Renoise instead of that pianoroll :)

I`d like to see it played live!