Blaster Beam

Has anyone come across one of these before? It’s basically a massive string instrument that, when you give it a good old whack, rips out an immense “gang-ang-ang-ang-ang-ang” (sorry, that’s as best as I can describe it). You usually hear it in space scenes in movies and music by Jerry Goldsmith/ John Barry etc.…ipment/beam.htm

Anyway, cut to chase, what are the chances of finding a sample of one of these? Other than building one myself… :(

(slim… I imagine…)

After googling around for a while I came across this:

So my question is, why exactly do you need this sample? :lol:

Here’s the page I quoted. Interesting.

Anyway… now I’m interested in finding this sampe aswell. Imagine the commercial possibilities. Just about any crap music would make you a fortune as long as you include a blaster beam sample. :)

Interesting link! I wanted the sample for something I’m working on, an intro sequence to an animation. I’m thinking I can get the same effect by sampling a regular guitar or piano string and then using SoundForge or something to lower the pitch, but keep the vibration rate the same. Alternatively… it may just end up sounding like a broken piano… :huh:

It’s just for… er… personal use… :unsure:

Are you female? ;)

just kiddin

Hahahaha, no.

The current plan is to smuggle one into a nightclub* and secretly seduce scores of women at a time with my dulcet tones… a bit like the pied-piper I guess… :D

*(might be a problem getting a 20ft instrument past a bouncer)