Bleep: Unsigned Artist Compo

Read about this on another board:

thanks Jonas, will definitely consider joining this one.

wow, seems not many people from the community joining in, or at least no-one telling about it :)

anyway, i’ve made my contribution and you can listen to it. worked on this over the time of a month i think. must be the longest i ever spent on a track. however, i am happy with the result. tried to do some mastering etc but i still suck at it. it sounds much better on my headphone than it does on my speakers. oh well. here it is.

probably everyone is putting up a track at the last minute :wink: , I have something in the works, but I bet it isn’t mainstream enough for what they’re looking for.

For a mastered track, the peaks in the soundcloud waveform are very conservative, compare it to most other soundcloud waveforms and you get what I mean, you didn’t normalize / multiband compress / limit it, right? Not that it matters much, leave the real mastering up to the pro’s, worry about the music first :wink: … nice little melodic tune you’ve got there, maybe you could add some vocals to this, sing in some vocoder parts? Would polish it off and show extra effort?

@Jonas: yes i have considered vocals but got stuck on them so i decided to throw that idea out. all i did in the end was put a sample of some announcer in the background of the intro. i’ve declared it ‘finished’ so won’t add any more. thanks for the feedback and appreciation!

I entered with some 80s powerpop. Probably not down their alley :)

Exactly. Just submitted my track:

Worked way to long on this :P

I can’t imagine they listen to all the tracks. They’ve got 2033 tracks at this moment. Say it will go to 2200 * an avarage of 2 and a half minutes. You’ll have music for 4 days straight :D

meh, no time to finish my submission I was working on and I don’t want to rush in a half ass attempt so I’ve submitted an oldie:

Thanks for the notice Jonas i just caught it on time!!!I submitted the track in my signature

Did they not have a “track must never of been previously released/uploaded” clause?

No.Only that it has had downloads disabled and is not subject to any ongoing deals.