Block Select/time Shift?

Is it possible to use similar shortcuts as available for things like CTRL F-3/F-4 with a block selection but to shift the delay of a selected block?

For instance, I want to take a track of drums that’s perfectly timed and delay them about a 4 milliseconds from every other sound. Do I have to just go down and manually type all the values in or is there a shortcut to do this as a block selection?

Thanks for any help.

what about using the delay option in the mixer?

Maybe you need to click and enable it first, the second icon from the bottom on the left of the be able and set delay values.

edit: it will do this for the complete track though.

There sure is hseiken. It’s in advanced edit and is called nudge.
You change that field to adjust how many ‘sublines’ it goes up or down.

Unfortunately you can’t bind shortcuts to anything in advanced edit though.

Hopefully this changes in future versions or at least allow LUA to access these functions.

That is frankly not necessary because the advanced edit functions are more or less not doing more than what the LUA tools can do.
If it would be easy to port the advanced edit functions over to a LUA tool, that would be a nice gesture from the DEV team (I consider that a more useful approach), but what already is capable in the advanced edit, can also be done with LUA.

True but the Advanced Edit performs the tasks much faster (EG scanning a whole song of many tracks to change one instrument number to another) than similar routines written in LUA will ever perform and if the functions already exist why not provide access to them?

Exactly, kazakore. What’s the point of reinventing the wheel if the needs are already met with the rock solid code that is already built in to Renoise.

I understand that you can do practically anything in Lua but frankly, not all of us are so proficient in scripting and would rather deal with the native API than external scripts/libraries.
Also each time Renoise updates the code would need to be updated costing more time and possibly introducing bugs.

Sorry (sorta) to hijack the thread hseiken.

Thanks, I didn’t even think to look there. That’s not a section of ReNoise I frequent often. Noticed some other useful stuff in there too. :)