Blood Stained Angels

Not particularly an anti religious song, more anti those who use religion as an excuse for war/prejudice/power etc


Wow, cool; terrific pocket, nice job on the lyrics, drums sound pretty great too!

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As i grow older i mostly believe that religion was invented just to manipulate people,we see it every day.I really dont have any problem what others believe in as long as that makes them better but there are religions that are just wrong spreading hate.I understand that we need an answer on how the world was created but religion and the big bang theory does not cutted for me and probably we wil never know.I still leave a small percentage that there might be a God but my guess is that our continuation is our children like in every other species in the world.Great track man and keep rocking


Facts. Every scripture was designed and written by humans. Of course it’s just an instrument of power, no more and no less. Religion is an evil of the world. It’s primarily for the uneducated who need to be ruled by someone or something, for those who cannot think straight, for those who cannot simply live and don’t know what’s right and wrong. Sad but true. Imagine being in coma, you’re neither dead nor alive, so where is “god” and “your soul” during that time? Standby? Buddhism is the only acceptable “religion”, because it’s based on humanity and inner strength. Don’t get me wrong, I’m talking specifically about Religion, not about believing in something.

Nice job. I assume you’re playing a real guitar. Or is this a guitar VST? I think the vocals would be nicer with a little bit more crisp, it’s partially hard to understand. But the overall sound is good. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh it’s VST guitars, played via a midi keyboard. Oh how I love that Trackers have decent midi abilities these days as I never could get used to a ‘conventional’ DAW, been using Trackers since my Amiga days haha

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Yes, I feel you regarding the DAW, same here. So the guitar is a VST, sweet. I just bought a guitar VST myself and next year I will try to get into this stuff. I guess it’s not that easy, but I’m willing to learn. It’s fascinating what you can do nowadays, even the guitar VST could sound like a real guitar and you can become a one man band. Are you using Ample Sound, Shreddage or something else?

I use Ample Metal Eclipse, though I have the newer v3, I don’t like it’s built in AMP sounds and it seems to have a different overall tone too, so I still use my older Version 2 haha. For amps, it’s guitar rig 6. The only actual samples I use these days is recording my voice directly into renoise…though granted I occasionally sample a sound to use too.
For instance, this track has 3 instances of AME, 2 are playing custom strum patterns, 1 is played with the keyboard , the drums are the free steve slate drums, the bass is the free ample bass (but using guitar rig 6 as an amp again) the choir sounds are one of the presets in Kontakt 7’s factory library.
The bass synth sound I used to thicken the bass a bit is the free versioon of Fathom from computer music magazine…plus there’s various compressors and eq effects used, mostly free or bundled with guitar rig or kontakt

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Cool. So you’re ahead of me, you’re already a one man band. :wink:
When you’re talking about v2 respectively v3, are you talking about VST2 respectively VST3? There’s a difference in its sound? I don’t intend to use VST3, but it’s good to know that there are “issues”. So you’re using Ample Sound, that’s what I’ve bought, too. I was about to buy Metal Eclipse besides two more guitars, but due to the fact that I don’t and won’t produce Rock or Metal I ended up only buying Gibson SG 61 aka Ample Guitar VC for some decent 80s Rock elements. I will check the amps, as far as I know they’re good. And I don’t like anything from NI, so guitar rig is not an option for me. Anyway, thanks for the informations. You’re doing well. Imagine being back in time and you tell someone that you’re doing Rock music by using a tracker. Unbelievable, right?

No I mean an updated version of the same plugin sounds too different for my liking. Maybe it’s just me.

As for rock music with a tracker? I did that in the 90s too but using samples …wasn’t great but we work with what we have right? I might have a dig through some old backups and see if I can find any old music I made haha