Bloody Long Delay Vst/Au

Hello fellow nerds. I use my macbook for live performance because it is portable. Unfortunately that means I’m restricted to the range of plugins for OSX. I was having trouble finding a free delay/echo plugin that had a delay length of more than 4000ms. I need something longer for making soundscapes (with no tempo syncing for maximum blur and unexpected results). I can’t program to save my life and the thought of learning C++ to make my own plugin seems too mind boggling. So I looked around for a free ‘building block’ style editor to make my own plugin effect, and SonicBirth seems to do the job nicely. So I made the following:

Bloody Long Delay

Sorry PC people, this only works on OSX :( - It’s very very basic: dry / wet / delay-length / feedback. How does a maximum of 60000ms sound?!?! No tempo sync at this stage (like I said before I made this for making ‘blur’) - but I use the feedback at 99% so that it takes as long as possible for the echo to fade out.

Use this at your own peril! You have been warned! I bear no responsibility for audio damage, crashes or hearing loss. The plugin works fine for my purposes, I’ve put it up here so other people can tinker with it as well. Included in the zip file is the SonicBirth project file - so you can modify it as you like. :)

Edit: please make sure you click on the “?” icon for the effect once you have loaded it into a track: in there unselect ‘Auto suspect plugin when silent’. This will make sure there are no dropouts. Also just ignore the Bit Precision and Interpolation Precision sliders, they are redundant SonicBirth bits.

Someone tell me how long it takes for a 60 second echo to fade out at 99% feedback? I’ve got got a 12 second one going here and it’s nearly gone an hour… :D

hahahaha that is pretty nice. even though i would never use it, i can understand the need for having this sort of thing, and i hate restrictions on settings… you should be able to do a 1 hour fadeout on every delay out there if you ask me (but nobody is asking me :slight_smile:

i was wondering if there is a Windows or Linux equivalent of this SonicBirth thing? ah, i started reading in the meantime and seems you can code your own LADSPA plugins? that sound like fun, someday…

Hi mmd, where do I put the .sbc file?
So far tried to rescan with Live & Renoise and it found neither the AU or the VST :confused: Iwonder what I’m doinw rong

That’s weird esa… Usually I just put the AU in the /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components folder, or the VST in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST folder. If that doesn’t work then I’m not sure, I guess it could be just an unreliable quirk of making things in SonicBirth.

The sbc file is just the project file for SonicBirth - disregard it unless you want to edit the plugin using SonicBirth.

I think there is ‘Synthedit’ on PC. But I don’t know if it’s any better than SonicBirth - people over at KVR seem to dislike it a bit. No doubt the best way to make a bug free plugin is to write really elegant code from scratch.

Ok, it’s very weird, now I got the MMD->Bloody Long Delay (AU) to show in Live, but if I click on it, nothing happens (it’s not loaded).
Still doesn’t show in any way in Renoise. Weeird :)

Well in theory it will never completely fade out but I’m sure you already know this.

But if, for example, a decrease in volume to 1/1000 of the original signal level is enough to call it silence, it will take nearly 12 hours. ;)

I really don’t know esa, it has to be something to do with the SonicBirth compiling. If you like you could load up the SonicBirth project file yourself and re-compile it there. You could also tweak the design to your liking as well :)

facepalm oh yeah of course it would take theoretically an infinite time to reach absolute -INFdB. Duh! Why didn’t I think of that ;) Cool, 12 hours of echo, look out La Monte Young :P

Weird, exporting it as AU did the trick! Thanks :)

bloody long delay + 20s (80 second delay) for windows people

And I have actually used it once. Did one ‘live’ recording with one friend using renoise, this delay and neumixturtrautonium -

sauli I’ve used that elottronix (based on Frippertronics) plugin for years now! I love it :) I wish there was a port to OSX.