Blue cat connector, does not connect

Hello, maybe there is some setting i need to change but blue cat audio connector does not seem to work with Renoise, i have tried it in fl studio and works fine there.It does not receive any audio inside renoise, does anybody know why this would be?

This is what i am doing, again it works just fine in FL Studio. Finally EVERY DAW can do this! - YouTube

hmm, I had blue cat working for audio feedback at one point, will check and see if I can get it figured

its ok i have it now

seems to only work on the local host setting

cool, glad you got it sorted. have fun with the feedback if that’s what you’re after!

Yeah i had known about it for a while now,it was only when i saw your new video that i was reminded to buy it!

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Awesome. Yeah, I wish we could do audio feedback natively in renoise, but modulation feedback is cool too. How much was the blue cat again? I’ve just got the demo. Might have to spring for it

I had a lot of credit on plugin boutique, so i think it cost me only 20 something euro, its 50 or 60 euro though.One thing i have noticed, is the native dsp effects in renoise get overloaded and the audio cuts out,seems to be buggy…

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hmm… good to know. maybe I’ll fuck with the demo some more to see if it’s worth it for me.

I wonder if turning the signal level down or inserting a limiter into the chain might help with the audio breaking

i have limiter on,cutting the signal down does work, but it stops you from getting into the really out there territory,its a bit hard to control,its not like hardware where you can just go nuts.Still some very cool sounds though.

Cool. Will definitely give it another go

If you do play around with it,I found that heavily cutting 80 hz and below helps to stop the audio from fizzling out, it’s not perfect but it helps, also the connector is buggy inside renoise,the connection indicator in the gui quickly switches between connected and not connected multiple times a second, though the audio seems to remain intact.

Thanks for the tips. Love to hear what you end up doing with it. Feedback is good times

having a lot of fun with this presently. rolling off the low end and high end, and limiting, of course, all seem to help with stabilizing the signal. Dope that we can save feedback chains as doofers to drop in wherever we want. may have to spring for a license after all!

Do you find it a little bit buggy?

Not buggy in the connection like you described, I do get a lot of digital clipping, depending on settings, though. I’m able to run the connectors on the APP port on my setup, so maybe that’s helping? I also wonder if you might have different results running it as a vst vs vst3, or if you’re on a mac, au

here’s a doofer wrapped Audio Feedback chain for anyone who wants it, with macros mapped to low and high freq cuts, gain trim, and limiter threshold. Insert your fx between the low and high cut units, map to taste. Requires blue cat connector vst, at least the demo version, available here: Blue Cat's Connector - Audio and MIDI Streaming Plug-In (VST, AU, VST3, AAX)

Doofer here:
AUDIO FB Init.xrdp (17.4 KB)

Pretty interesting self-generating streams of sound can be had by nesting a modulation feedback doofer (like I show in that video) inside the audio feedback chain

I cant, why would that be,i have to use local host setting.I loaded your doofer,same thing

hmm, honestly I have no idea. Maybe it has to do with your audio configuration or system OS? did it make any difference with vst vs vst3?
Also, when in doubt, off and back on again sometimes works wonders - as I’m sure you already know

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