Blue Cat Gain Suite grouping not working


In Renoise 3.1 I was a big fan of using Blue Cat Gain VST and grouping the gain output for very quick results. With this you could make 1 signal follower on the Basdrum and let all other tracks respond in Gain using 1 setting and copies of the same BC Gain. ( )

BC explains it:

Another interesting and exclusive feature is the ability to link several instances of the same plug-in: thanks to our unique data sharing technology, you can control the gain of several tracks at the same time with a single slider.

In Renoise 3.1.1 it does not work anymore. The first instance of the group works, the 2nd one does not follow. Older songs sound different because a lot of sidechaining is lost.

Does anyone know what changed, or maybe even some setting I forgot to change?

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Maybe related to sandbox? Try without it.

Good tip! Unfortunately this was not causing the problem. In and out the sandbox, the group still won’t follow the ‘main’ VST.

Does anyone else have an idea? Maybe it’s a bug?

I’m not too familiar with the Blue Cat plugins, but I’ve just quickly tested the free (demo?) version of Gain Suite here in Renoise 3.1 and Renoise 3.1.1, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

I quickly added 3 instances of the mono plugin to 3 tracks in my song, set them all to group A, and then they all simply linked up and worked in harmony.

Moving the gain knob on one instance also moved the gain knob on the other two instances.

Is there something more advanced that is not working correctly for you?

Sandboxing should be disabled as ffx suggested above.

If you run Renoise 32-bit then you must use the 32-bit version of the plugin, and vice versa for 64-bit.

If you try to mix bit versions then sandboxing will be forced on by default, breaking the link between plugins since they run in entirely different processes then.

You can tell when a plugin has been sandboxed or “bit bridged” due to the “->” arrow icon in its instance name. If you do not see the arrow then it’s running natively, which is what you want.

Thank you so much for the reply!

Yes, I think it was too much switching 32bit and 64bit with both renoise and plugin.

The BC suite is free, and the gain is so nice for quick Sidechaining whole groups on the basdrum or anything else using a Signal Follower :slight_smile: