Blue Hole Falls

I am in a hotel at a conference at Disneyworld - Orlando Florida, and I have only had the chance to mix this track on my cheap headphones (Koss PortaPro). That being said, I was a little reluctant to post this song without having monitored it on my beloved cerwin vegas (ls-10s). If I get home, and it sounds like shit on my speakers, I will probably remix and repost, but entertain me while I’m at my work conference tomorrow by letting me know what you think! :rolleyes:/>/>/> In any event, this track is a melodic ditty in the spirit of my recent casio-keyboard-demo-song/video game focus. The drums are Oberheim DX samples, and they are inspired by my recent obsession with the artist known as Com Truise. The track title is inspired by my favorite childhood hangout spot. Feedback of any variety is always appreciated. As always, many thanks for listening! :walkman:/>/>/> .
almost out of upload time on my soundcloud :huh:/>/>/> …time to start culling ;)/>/>/>